We are very proud of our Handyman service and as a result have built up a healthy relationship with some of the North East's major estate agents and Businesses to provide a service which they can rely on. We work closely with Estate agents and businesses across the North East and have adapted our service to suit everyone's needs.

We have developed this website to include as much information as possible. This has cut the time spent on the phone by our customers and saved the cost of a phone call! Very few other companies in the UK do this!

We prefer email work requests. We have adopted this as our primary work request method as it is more efficient to track jobs, there is a a record of what has been requested, and it speeds up the whole process, as you are not having to stop what you are doing to answer or make a call. We pride ourselves on how efficient we are, and as a result has enabled us to become one of the most relied upon and trusted Handyman in the North East!

The House Husband is a company that has built it's reputation on honesty and value, we're really proud of this! This is why we have disclosed our pricing policy. We won't add on extra because it looks like you might have money to spare - which i know other Handymen have done, and more often than not they don't show their prices to the public.

We also have a few key points which we try to adhere to - these points have enabled us to be trusted and praised by numerous clients, as well as being recommended to many others!

The points we adhere to are simple:
  • Arrive on site when we say we will
  • Be polite and courteous - listen to our clients needs
  • Communicate with our clients where neccessary
  • Be uniformed and tidy in our workplace
  • Keep our costs low
  • Communicate with thrid party clients within 24 hours of recieveing work requests
  • To be Health & Safety compliant at all times

The fact we even have such a informative website is a clear indication that we mean business. We've even used researchers and found that the majority of companies across the North East have very little experience or are simply unable to cope with demand. In fact the majority of 'Handyman' companies don't even have a website. We re-invest some of our profits back into the company into things like our website, our back office administration services and tools, so that we always remain at the top of the game!

One of the key benefits of being an account holder with our service is our invoicing system. We have invested a substantial amount of money in our back office to enable us to provide a comprehensive invoicing system that can show us at a click of a button exactly which jobs have been done, which ones are outstanding, which ones have been paid for and numerous other features. This alone helps us to provide an even more efficient service to our customers...

Although this back office system has cost money, the money spent is not reflected in our charge to the customer! The cost of purchasing this system has been payed for from the savings made from the cost of postage for invoices etc as it enables us to forward invoices upon completion of work to our clients via email. Most of our customers have commented on how much more simpler this method has been, and how much easier it is to deal with via email.

So what are you waiting for? Call now and see why more and more customers are choosing 'The House Husband' as their preferred Handyman Service.

Commercial Services

Whether you're a property manager, Landlord or are responsible for maintenance within a business, we can help!

A lot of the work we do is on behalf of businesses. Letting agents, offices, shops, restaurants, and clubs use 'The House Husband' to deal with a wide range of routine maintenance tasks that need doing. These types of jobs often don’t justify the expense of an employee or facilities management contractor.

These Jobs often include things like:
  • Checking and replacing lightbulbs
  • Checking all taps, WCs etc are functioning correctly and repair if necessary
  • Putting up whiteboards/noticeboards, Plasma screens
  • Fitting / repairing blinds, fixing door handles, locks & door closers
  • Assembling / moving furniture
  • Fixing cupboards / drawers
  • Putting up signage

Our reputation, attention to detail and quality of workmanship has enabled us to repeatedly work on behalf of some of the biggest companies around the North East and Northumberland. In fact our reputation for such high standards is growing nationwide, attracting customers from London, Liverpool and The Borders area, something we are very proud of!
The Benefits to your company

  • Your Workplace:
Our handymen are well accustomed to working within a commercial environment. They understand business procedures and ethics, and as a result are smartly uniformed and work discreetly to minimise any disruption.

  • Health & Safety:
We are fully focused on applying a safe working practice, in every aspect of our service delivery. We keep the work area tidy, provide relevant protection to surrounding areas and clean up when the work is complete.

  • Account Facilities:
We are able to offer regular commercial customers account facilties. Once the work is complete we produce an invoice for you. We prefer BACS payment, although cash and cheque payments are also welcome. Our Payment terms are 30 days. Please call to discuss this option further.

  • Cost Management:
By using The House Husband you can save money. Our prices are clear, we can provide free quotes prior to commencement of work. There are no hidden costs.
The costs you can cut by hiring us can include:
Costs of Holiday pay for your maintenance staff, costs of running maintenance vehicles, costs of replacement tools, administration costs... the list is endless...