We have designed our Company Policy as a guideline for strong growth within the market. This policy has enabled us to become one of the market leaders in this field with interest for our service coming from as far afield as Liverpool even down to London. Our reputation has even enabled us to secure a contract with a major London Property Management company.
Our Policy is derived from a few key points which makes us the first choice for customers requiring a Handyman Service:

  • Arrive on time - Our customers can carry on with their everyday tasks knowing we will turn up at the given appointment time
  • Promote the brand - By turning up in our branded vehicle and uniform our customers know straight away who we are, and shows we are serious about our business
  • Clear pricing - Our customers know how much to expect to pay
  • Be honest - If we can't do something we will let you know. This saves the embarrassement of a job going wrong leaving a big bill for the customer!
  • Keep it simple - By only having one number and one email address, the customer can relax knowing they are getting the personal service they deserve
  • Invest in the future - By re-investing some profit back into the company we can ensure we have tools that work, and a back office system that makes light work of administration duties.