Unfortunately as with all trades there is a limit to our talents!
Although our skills in the property maintenance field are extensive - there are a few things that we are unable to do.  A list of some of the work we don't do is listed below, however if we are asked to look at work that is required for you and we are unable to do the work we will tell you and give you an explaination why.

  • We don't do any work involving gas, this includes fitting a gas cooker/hob
  • We don't do any structural work
  • We don't do any work above a standard two storey property gutter line
  • The only gardening work we do is cutting grass or small hedge trimming
  • We can not remove rubbish from the site, although we do take small amounts of waste generated from works away with us. Large amounts of waste for disposal will be discussed prior to commencement of works.